What does your brand sound like?

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Your brand may present an awesome visual impact, but what does it sound like?

We are here to provide you with personalized guidance through the strategic and creative process of Audio Branding, every step of the way.

"Now it's the time to be seen, sonically"



Audio Branding is the whole spectrum of sonic impressions representing your company or brand. Music, sound effects, voices, physical environments, and more.

The true benefits of Audio Branding become apparent when there is a coherent design across all elements. 

How are you using sound to communicate your brand to your clients and in what ways?

We provide a roadmap to make it easy to handle all your questions and help you make the right decisions along the way to find the right branding approach that fits your needs.

Let us guide you through these complex choices and make it easy to maximize your brand.

Together with our global partners, we provide the right tools to analyze what your brand stands for and how to convert it to an Audio Branding strategy.

These fundamental steps represent how we structure and help you towards a successful launch of your Audio Branding campaign: 

1. Strategy

2. Production

3. Documentation/ Implementation

4. Follow Up / Updates



To understand where you are and to know where you want to go is crucial. We work closely with our partners to visualize the scope of the Audio Branding requirements and implement a creative pipeline for everyone involved. We start with workshops where we begin to form a picture of what we are trying to achieve and why, until we reach a shared understanding of what the final result is meant to be.


It is crucial to fully understand and be as close as possible to the production process involved with all the important pieces of the Audio Branding project. Close collaboration with a studio and creatives that understand the entire scope of Audio Branding is crucial for a great product. We offer a full suite of in-house production services for voices, music, ambiances and sound design, and we guarantee the highest quality.

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Everyone in the organization needs to understand what has been created and why, to make the most optimal use of the assets. Easy access is also key to make the implementation of those assets easy and intuitive. A highly visible plan will make for the biggest impact. When the whole team feels engaged in the implementation process, the result is always better. We fully support your team every step of the way through implementation by offering a reliable framework for the entire process, along with follow-ups and the development of further updates.


What happens after the Audio Branding is implemented? You might think this is where our involvement ends, but actually - this is only the beginning of the story!
Consistency and ubiquitous integration are the key components of a successful Audio Branding campaign. Identifying existing opportunities for the usage of the assets and managing updates of those assets, customization for upcoming events and new campaigns, introduction of new products... the list of opportunities is endless.




What is Audio Branding?

Audio Branding (or “Sonic Branding”) is the general phrase describing the use of characteristic sound and/or music signatures to boost the recognition of a brand. Some people think that a jingle is audio branding. Yes and No. By itself, a jingle is just a memorable melody, but in context of a wider strategy that includes voice, music, and soundscape components, it evolves into something else which enables an evocative auditory sensory experience related to your brand. Audio Branding ties your brand’s visual design to an emotional core through the use of sound.


Advertising / Films - Social Media / Web - B2B films - Events, Seminars and Conferences - Soundscapes and Acoustic Treatment in physical spaces - Customer Support - In Product - Product Launches - Storytelling - UX/UI etc etc

Why Audio Branding?

Pictures, icons, names and logos create a visual impression that can be very powerful. However, humans are multi-sensory creatures by nature, with vision and sound being the most important senses in terms of building memorable experiences. Science tells us that sound offers a “shortcut” to our emotional core, and when combined with impactful visuals, it elevates the entire experience of a brand to a higher level. 
Fundamentally, audio branding increases brand recognition and differentiates your brand from your competitors, but the key is engagement; music and sound make us feel things - and feelings make us engage.


How much does it cost your business by NOT having Audio Branding?
Audio is one of the most cost-effective ways to boost a brand.
The price depends on many factors, but especially what parts of the branding we need to focus on. Sometimes we start off in one area and then expand it to include all components of a full Audio Branding package. We will work with you to determine the most necessary and cost effective approach to achieve your Audio Branding goals.

How do we get started?

You've already taken the biggest step. If you are here, you probably understand that Audio Branding is a great idea; now it is just about reaching out.
Let's have a meeting (digitally or in real life over a coffee) and discuss what you are trying to achieve with your brand or product. Often a 30-45 minute virtual call is enough to give us the information we’ll need to begin the launch of your Audio Branding experience.


Our production services

Rebound Sound Company

Our sister company Rebound Sound Co. is an award-winning audio production house based in LA. They use a vast network of talented composers, sound designers and casting agents to provide clients with the first-class productions they are world-famous for. Everything is handled in-house when it comes to project management and final delivery.



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